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YEW turns two!

Message from the YEW Network Lead and Co-Founder, Elise Allély-Fermé

29 October 2020

Youth Engaged in Wetlands is 2 years old!

As part of our work, it’s important to celebrate the big steps YEW has taken during the last two years that were made possible thanks to all the youth volunteers that have dedicated their time, energy, ideas, and skills. This is also the 1 year anniversary of the YEW Core-team! We have developed even greater ambitions for YEW putting all our heads and hearts together for the cause of wetland conservation.

We also wouldn’t have been able to get this far without the great advice and support from a number of individuals and organizations that believe in YEW and the importance of youth engagement for wetland conservation.

I would like to take this time to thank all those that contributed to YEW from the early stages of its development before the Ramsar COP13 to its expansion and growth today. Since the creation of the YEW core-team, our dreams for YEW and wetlands have expanded and reached new heights. The dedication alone that the team brings is a great inspiration and energizer. Here is a short video for you, a reminder of our journey together!

The words from our Youth Closing Statement at Ramsar’s 13th Conference of the Parties exactly two years ago echo even louder today:

“We are here today and we will be here tomorrow, committed to this urgent mission to save our wetlands"

Join us in this 2-year celebration!


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